Welcome to Connecting Crewe

A private sector led proposal for a Business Improvement District in Crewe connecting Crewe town centre, Grand Junction Retail Park and Nantwich Road.

Join the BID Team

If you are an occupier of premises which will be liable for a BID levy (any premises within the BID area with a rateable value equal to or above £12,000 will be liable for a levy), you are invited to put forward a representative to be considered as Director of the Crewe BID Company Ltd. The Crewe BID Company Ltd will be responsible for delivering the Crewe BID between 2024 and 2029. There will be up to 12 Directors of the Crewe BID Company Ltd and the Board will need to represent the diverse range of organisations across the BID area as well as ensure that the board is geographically representative of the Crewe BID area. 

If you would like to put forward a representative you can register your interest by clicking below to complete the two minute registration process.  The deadline for submissions is the 24th January 2024. 

£1.6 million added value investment in Crewe

Themes for improvement

The Crewe BID Proposal has been broken down into three themes. Each theme comprises projects and services that we believe are important in enabling the town to compete in an increasingly competitive and uncertain trading environment.

Theme 01.

Creating A Better Crewe Experience

Theme 02.

Cleaner, Greener, Safer

Theme 03.

Connecting Crewe’s Business Communities

The result of the ballot was a resounding success with 67% of eligible local businesses voting voted in favour of the BID.

Why does Crewe need a BID?

  • Crewe’s key retail and leisure districts operate in isolation and need a stronger voice. A BID would connect business communities to create a new and stronger voice for businesses within the BID area.
  • Businesses have fed back about significant levels of crime and antisocial behaviour across Crewe town centre, Nantwich Road and the Grand Junction retail park. A BID would work alongside Cheshire Police to enable a unified approach to tackling crime and safety issues.
  • Communication of developments, news, events and festivals is poor. A BID would ensure that your business receives regular, relevant and timely communications and news.
  • Crewe is not pro-actively marketed to consumers or visitors. Crewe is home to some great retail, leisure and hospitality businesses – including a new market hall, a successful theatre, national retailers and a range of independent businesses. A BID would raise the profile of your business, as well as the overall profile of Crewe as a leisure, retail and hospitality destination.
  • Waymarking and branding is poor, creating a disjointed and confusing experience for new visitors to Crewe. The BID would enhance the brand identity, as well as the look and feel of each of the areas within the proposed BID, complementing other branding and waymarking initiatives being taken forward.
  • Businesses in the proposed BID area report they are rarely part of the conversations with key stakeholder at Cheshire East Council and Crewe Town Council resulting in a lack of representation of business views and insights. The BID would represent your local business interests in its work with Cheshire East Council and Crewe Town Council, lobbying for improvements and supporting opportunities for improvement.

The BID main BID benefits in 6 Points

A new business led partnership tackling antisocial behaviour and business crime

A business-led agenda to improve communications and collaborative working

A 5 year programme of image and environmental enhancements

More frequent and higher impact events and festivals to create a new experience for consumers

A stronger voice for businesses in Crewe Town Centre, Nantwich Road and the Grand Junction Retail Park

£300,000 investment into marketing and promoting Crewe BID companies to 200,000+ consumers in and around Crewe

“Having a BID in Crewe would provide businesses in the BID area with a voice that would be heard by key decision makers. We would be able to begin shifting the status quo. Currently businesses receive little notice or communication around events or developments. The BID would provide the means to change this for the better.”