About the BID

The BID is a new opportunity for businesses on Nantwich Road, Crewe town centre and Grand Junction Retail Park to have a stronger voice in the future development and management of improvements across the proposed BID area.

This will enable the business community to fund and deliver a new business led programme of improvements that will create a safer, more vibrant and prosperous environment for businesses within the BID area.

Three Theme Plan

01. Creating a Better Crewe Experience

02. Safer, Cleaner, Greener

03. Connecting Crewe’s Business Communities

Key Objectives

The plan to create a stronger and more connected Crewe business community would:

  • Deliver a business-led agenda, representing BID Business by influencing and working with strategic partners
  • Sustainably grow the number of visitors and consumers with high quality, sustained marketing and promotion of BID businesses
  • Build the right environment to support existing companies and attract new businesses to the Crewe BID area
  • Create an animated, vibrant and engaging destination
  • Deliver £1.6million of added value investment

How it Works


All premises with a rateable value greater than or equal to £12k will receive a vote.

If a majority vote in favour of the BID (by number and rateable value) the BID is approved for a 5 year period.



Businesses within the Crewe BID area form a representative Board to govern the BID.

The BID Board would include representation from companies across the Crewe BID area.



The BID team is appointed to manage the BID by the BID board.

New projects and services agreed by the business-led BID board are commissioned in line with the BID proposal.

The impact and success of the BID is reported to businesses.

Download the BID Proposal

The BID Area

Download the BID Proposal

“Having a BID in Crewe would provide businesses in the BID area with a voice that would be heard by key decision makers. We would be able to begin shifting the status quo. Currently businesses receive little notice or communication around events or developments. The BID would provide the means to change this for the better.”